Support [Extended]

by Daniel Dobbs

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released April 17, 2013

Words & Music by Daniel Dobbs

Vocals/Guitars - Daniel Dobbs
Drum KIt - Adam Baskill
Bass Guitar - Dave Hanson
Violins - Matthew Webb

Recorded & Produced by Natt Webb

EP Artwork by Dean Dobbs



all rights reserved


Daniel Dobbs Nottingham, UK

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Track Name: The Ignorant
This is the last time that I offer you something on a plate
I ain't got time to waste to reserve a table for your ignorance
I'm actually sick of caring, I've had enough of it
I'm off to find a new crowd, don't try to keep up

Because I don't have time to waste

Because every night, it makes more sense
You'll see when I'm just as bright as all the starts
That I look up to every night
You may think that I'm selfish, but I
I built this new Apollo by myself
I know how I'm gonna fly

You people always stick together
But you never stick to a single word
I'm on the outside of a circle looking in
And only inside
Why can't you turn around to see that someone needs your help
I've only got two hands and I just can't support myself

Every night, it's empty
This room is cold without you
And I can sit and play with the clocks all I want
But I guess it's time who's making a fool out of me
Track Name: Growth
It's been a few years now
We watched them grow
As they blossom into flowers on the streets
The routes are growing in the cracks of the pavement
So we watch our feet
And we don't see a threat
We're just some kids in the summer time
We'll play on the fields
'Till the grass stains will be our pictures
In a photo book

But then you get this fever
You find yourself looking through closed windows

Because you don't want a growth on your back
Then suddenly, it itches
And you find that your scratching out your beautiful eyes
You wouldn't see reason
If it hit you full in the face

Now you've ruined the carpet you were walking on
Because you let them in again
What is it that you're holding on to
When they would gladly let you go
If it's love that you're looking for
Then you've got the wrong friends
They've dropped the seeds
Now you don't want them growing
So I'd leave them out to dry

Don't get me wrong
I miss holding hands with you
But my skin is drying out
You tied potential to the chair
Now it's time for me and him to go
Track Name: That Bloody Song
You've got hands all over you
In my imagination
And the longer I stay
They'll hold me down
And make me watch
Over time, I'll be weak and tired

And weather's not picking up
I'm covered in snow
But the sun is burning me
It doesn't make sense

The summer won't keep me warm
But I know that you tried to
You were the best few years
Away from the world
Now I'm looking back at you
Like it's home sweet home
And because of all the rain
I swim through the dark
Because the spark's gone away

I want to stop crying
I want to let go
I want to feel, taste the freedom
I heard you've tried it
Tasted it on your tongue
And share it with everyone, but me

My mouth is dry
And I'm burning in the cold for some reason
I'm swimming through fire
It doesn't make sense

I've got this thing in my head
That I'll be just fine
But then I've got this storm
That's telling me otherwise
Do me a favour and wash me away
To somewhere better than this
Track Name: Shark Teeth
I wonder what you think of me now
Do you think I hide a skill
Up my sleeve
That can change the air you breathe
I wonder how it makes you feel
To know I also share the key
To the homes you build
You don't live alone now

We never really went as planned
But that's fine, that's fine
'Cus we're not quite there yet
And it shows
It shows like it never has before
And I should have done something
Instead of letting it grow

Now I see you're tearing walls down
As if there's something on the paper
You don't like
What d'you think you signed on for
It hurts, it kills me
To see someone raise a fist
To everything I laboured for
Just for some stability

We never really had a chance
But that's fine, that's fine
'Cus we're not quite there yet
And it shows
It shows like it never has before
And I should have done something
Instead of letting it grow

I've never seen affection with clench fists
Looks like it hurts
But then I've never seen
A kiss with shark teeth
Neither have you
So what's your problem
It takes too much time
To get to the bottom of all of this
You aspire too much to hold me down
But I'm getting up, I'm getting out

You don't want to understand
You just want to glare up at me
You're determined to make a stand
What for

So if you want to make a game
Out of insurrection
I can tell you there's a price to pay
C'mon pick up the pace
This is far too easy
The cards that you play
Speak themselves

You're clearly not ready
To try and rise against
So next you try keeping me down
And raising fists again
Next time I'll be sure to bring you down