by Daniel Dobbs

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Sometimes, it's a lot more fun to build a cabin and record music in that as opposed to going to a studio.

About a week ago, my friend Carlos and I used whatever resources we had available to us and started recording acoustic arrangements of every song from my past two EPs and demo's. Due to the very short time we had, I narrowed it down to the four songs that still remain very significant to me even today.

Me and Carlos aren't sound engineers or producers, I've never made anything of this length on my own before, so this was both frustrating and fun at the same time. I know for sure that it was hard work trying to make the most consistent takes ever when the cabin is so damn hot and even with the windows shut, we couldn't block much of the sound from the outdoors. If you happen to hear some birds chirping, kids shouting, coughs and things hitting the roof, well... It is what it is.

A big thank you to Carlos for giving me a hand during the recording process and massive thank you to my parents and our friend, Ash, as these 3 made this EP possible in the first place.


released August 7, 2014

Lyrics & Music by Daniel Dobbs
All instruments performed by Daniel Dobbs

Recorded and Produced by Daniel Dobbs & Carlos Montero at #TheCabin



all rights reserved


Daniel Dobbs Nottingham, UK

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Track Name: Dive
I took a dive into the sea
To wash out these thoughts of mine
Wash off the dirt and start thinking straight
It's time to face firing eyes

The door is open and I'm coming out
I'm like a phoenix
Rising from the ashes of what I've left
And I built a new road
Which I will crawl before I walk
I guess that makes a start

And now I worry what you think of me
So I jump into the water
Are you out to get me
Are you hear to listen
I'd rather burn in your warmth

You are the fire that is reaching out
You either love me
Or you want to burn the skin off my bones
But I won't change the music
Oh to put out the fire
Because you don't like my words
Track Name: Another Fist
You're out again
Have you forgotten what it means to me
For you to stay in just for one more night
Oh please be careful
Just one small mistake is all you need
D'you wanna stay or do you wanna fight

It's just abuse of a substance
And a path to misery
You think one more drink can make things better
Just wait until you get home

Each swallow that you take
Is another bite of tolerance taken from me
And each problem that you make
Has another first coming at you
Oh it's coming your way

Can you stay safe
Bet you can't
But I you're gonna try
Track Name: The Ignorant
This is the last time that I offer you something on a plate
I ain't got time to waste to reserve a table for your ignorance
I'm actually sick of caring
I've had enough of it
I'm off to find a new crowd
Don't try to keep up

Because I don't have time to waste

Because every night it makes more sense
You'll see when I'm just as bright as all the stars
That I look up to every night
You may think that I'm selfish
But I built this new Apollo by myself
I know how I'm gonna fly

You people always stick together
But you never stick to a single word
I'm on the outside of a circle
Looking in and only inside
Why can't you turn around to see that
Someone needs your help
I've only got two hands
And I just can't support myself

Every night it's empty
This room is cold without you
And I can sit and play all the clocks that I want
But I guess it's time who's making a fool out of me
Track Name: Growth
It's been a few years now
We watched them grow
As they blossom into flowers on the streeets
The roots are growing in the cracks of the pavement
So we watch our feet
And we don't see a threat
We're just some kids in the summer time
We'll play on the fields
Until the grass stains will be our pictures in a photo book

But then you get this fever
You find yourself looking through closed windows

Because you don't want a growth on your back
Then suddenly it itches
And you find that you're scratching our your beautiful eyes
You wouldn't see reason
If it hit you full on in the face

Now you've ruined the carpet you were walking on
Because you let them in again
What is it that you're holding on to
When they would gladly let you go
If it's love that you're looking for
Then you've got the wrong friends
They've dropped the seeds
Now you don't want them growing
So I'll leave them out to try

Don't get me wrong
I miss holding hands with you
But my skin is drying out
You tied potential to the chair
Now it's time for me and him to go